2012, Activities

Testing One’s Knowledge Through Quiz of Ramadhan

Good day and Kia ora to everyone,

In this Ramadan Kareem, UMNO Auckland has again, implemented another successful event namely “Kuiz Ramadan” (Ramadan Pop Quiz) in conjunction with Islamic Week. This event is introduced for the first time to members of Auckland to promote awareness on Islam particularly on the knowledge sharing through various segments i.e. Hadith, Sirah Nabawiyah,  Fiqh, Tafsir al-Quran etc.

The event started at 2.30pm with the participation of 5 groups of 3 competing against each other to be the best team of the day. The level of difficulty varies according to different segments of questions. The competition was pretty intense as each team want to be in the top 3 winners for the competition. The prizes offered are $100, $60 and $40 respectively together with certificates.

In addition, UMNO Auckland has also opened the floor for a special Pop Quiz where audiences were allowed to answer three questions given during the break interval. The lucky winners were given exclusive gifts such as university bottles, mugs, money incentive and others.

Overall, this event has successfully being carried out by UMNO Auckland and the mission was accomplished. Some members have even requested the questions to be posted online via social networking Facebook for knowledge sharing purposes.



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